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December 12, This is a minor release from 0.

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November 9, This is a minor release from 0. October 18, This is a major release from 0. July 11, This is a minor release from 0. Support for dateutil timezones see docs. New documentation section on Options and Settings. Lots of bug fixes. May 31, This is a major release from 0. Officially support Python 3. Display interface changes, see here MultiIndexing using Slicers, see here. Ability to join a singly-indexed DataFrame with a multi-indexed DataFrame, see here More consistency in groupby results and more flexible groupby specifications, see here Holiday calendars are now supported in CustomBusinessDay , see here Several improvements in plotting functions, including: See NA Values.

NDFrame now has an equals method. GH DataFrame. Thanks to lexual for suggesting and danbirken for rapidly implementing. GH ,: Bug in selection with missing values via. Bug in pd. Bug in merging timedelta dtypes GH Bug in plotting. Wrong alignment among diagonal and off-diagonal plots, see GH Fixed a bug in query where the index of a single-element Series was being thrown away GH See scipy docs. DataFrame has a new eval that evaluates an expression in the context of the DataFrame ; allows inline expression assignment A query method has been added that allows you to select elements of a DataFrame using a natural query syntax nearly identical to Python syntax.

Add msgpack support via pd. Added pandas. Added a more informative error message when plot arguments contain overlapping color and style arguments GH Significant table writing performance improvements in HDFStore JSON date serialization now performed in low-level C code. JSON support for encoding datetime.

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This is frequency conversion; astyping is also supported. Performance improvement of timeseries plotting with PeriodIndex and added test to vbench GH and GH Add axis and level keywords to where , so that the other argument can now be an alignable pandas object. You can also specify which writers you want to use by default with config options io. GH , GH Panel. This is about 5x faster than the default openpyxl xlsx writer and is equivalent in speed to the xlwt xls writer module.

GH allow DataFrame constructor to accept more list-like objects, e. Sequence and array. GH , GH pandas is now tested with two different versions of statsmodels 0. Better string representations of MultiIndex including ability to roundtrip via repr. Returns an array of column-keyed dictionaries.

See the docs GH DataFrame. GH NDFrame. As a result, pandas now uses iterators more extensively. It contains both list and iterator versions of range, filter, map and zip, plus other necessary elements for Python 3 compatibility. Essentially you have a local instance of HDFStore referenced by a variable. Once you close it, it will report closed. Other references to the same file will continue to operate until they themselves are closed. Options are seconds, milliseconds, microseconds and nanoseconds. Setting levels and labels directly on MultiIndex is now deprecated.

Pass a list of one element containing the string instead. Fair warning in 0. This will be automatically created when passing floating values in index creation. This enables a pure label-based slicing paradigm that makes [],ix,loc for scalar indexing and slicing work exactly the same.

Indexing on other index types are preserved and positional fallback for [],ix , with the exception, that floating point slicing on indexes on non Float64Index will raise a TypeError , e. Series range 5 [3. SparsePanel does not support pow or mod with non-scalars. GH Arithmetic func factories are now passed real names suitable for using with super GH Provide numpy compatibility with 1.

In [3]: Series arr2 no future import required Out[6]: Created a new block type in internals, SparseBlock , which can hold multi-dtypes and is non-consolidatable. GH Fix. Margins did not compute if values is the index. Fix bug in having a rhs of np. Fix reindexing with multiple axes; if an axes match was not replacing the current axes, leading to a possible lazay frequency inference issue GH Fixed issue where DataFrame.

GH Fix some inconsistencies with Index.

GH Fixed an issue with a duplicate index and assignment with a dtype change GH Fixed bug with reading compressed files in as bytes rather than str in Python 3. Added freq support to Panel. PythonParser with thousands! No longer show duplicate entries in kwds. Removed unused offset fields. Applies to c parser only. Fix a bug when indexing with np.

Now coerces to numerical type or raises warning. Fixed a bug where groupby. Provide automatic conversion of object dtypes on fillna, related GH Fixed a bug where default options were being overwritten in the option parser cleaning GH Fix a bug with NDFrame. Also adds a couple of utilities for getting locales and setting locales with a context manager. Fixed Period with a business date freq to always roll-forward if on a non-business date. GH Fixed issue with drop and a non-unique index on Series GH Fixed seg fault in C parser caused by passing more names than columns in the file.

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GH Fix Series. GH thanks for catching this yarikoptic! Fixed html tests on win GH Fix empty series not printing name in repr GH Make tests create temp files in temp directory by default. GH pd. The default in 0. The default value will change in 0. Also support for MultiIndex columns. Plotting functions now raise a TypeError before trying to plot anything if the associated objects have have a dtype of object GH , GH , GH , GH , but they will try to convert object arrays to numeric arrays if possible so that you can still plot, for example, an object array with floats.

This happens before any drawing takes place which eliminates any spurious plots from showing up. Added Faq section on repr display options, to help users customize their setup. The following operations now raise a TypeError when performed on a Series and return an empty Series when performed on a DataFrame similar to performing these operations on, for example, a DataFrame of slice objects: Regression from 0. Plots now always raise when data cannot be plotted or the object being plotted has a dtype of object. Please use DataFrame. GH Deprecated display.

This is in preparation to add options data from Google GH the method and axis arguments of DataFrame. Currently, PandasObject provides string methods from StringMixin. Plus string safety throughout. Now employed in many places throughout the pandas library. Should provide python3 support for reading which has been lacking. GH Reworked the new repr display logic, which users found confusing. In [1]: Panel np.

In [2]: A B C D 0. D, Name: B, dtype: In [5]: Series np. M, dtype: A 0. Series - Series, when both are datetime64 mixed datetimes and objects GH in a constructor will be cast correctly astype on datetimes to object are now handled as well as NaT conversions to np. Fix implemented. GH Fixed a bug in the legend of plotting. Support for on-the-fly gzip or bz2 decompression compression option Ability to get back numpy. You can also access options as attributes via pandas. This is on by default now GH Scikits.

1. Introduction

This had been a large source of confusion for users. GH Methods with inplace option now return None instead of the calling modified object GH The special case DataFrame - TimeSeries doing column-by-column broadcasting has been deprecated. Users should explicitly do e.

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This is a legacy hack and can lead to subtle bugs. To be clear, this is legacy cruft from early pandas.

This behavior can be globally re-enabled using the new option mode. A new argument prefix has been added; to get the v0. DataFrame selection using a boolean frame now preserves input shape If function passed to Series.

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GH File parsers will not handle NA sentinel values arising from passed converter functions. Also improves performance in most cases. Support duplicate columns in DataFrame. GH Reduce groupby. This will prevent a class of TypeErrors that was occurring in code where the dtype of a column would depend on the presence of data or not e. Caused downstream DataFrame. GH Can pass arrays in addition to column names to DataFrame. Previously only DataFrame. DataFrame constructor not properly called! Add OLS. Next Article. Table of Contents. Macromolecules , , 35 22 , pp — Cite this: Your current credentials do not allow retrieval of the full text.

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