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Now click "Cloud "P2P Device", choose your country of residence, and login by following the onscreen instructions. After that, you should be able to see the Hikvision devices you have added to you Hik-Connect account.

How to Use Hikvison iVMS & Hik-Connect on PC -

If you haven't done that, please refer to the instruction of: IP camera is the most reliable and accessible invention for foolproof security. Due to this invention, the surveillance system has become more reliable and secure. This technology has enabled you to connect the CCTV camera to the network. Now you can view the CCTV camera videos through a network from any location.

IP camera Singapore also allows you to record the video on network drive. In many cases, it has been noticed that the burglars took away the DVR after attempting criminal act.

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Even installing the CCTV camera Singapore , the homeowner could not be able to identify the culprits. The recording of the evidence could not made available too. In fact, the surveillance system was itself on the risk of theft. IP camera surveillance system has enhanced the security because now your video is safe on the network. The invention of IP camera has opened lots of options for the homeowners to monitor their home remotely.

Now everything happening at home is directly on the watch. Similarly, the business community is more beneficiary of this wonderful invention. The safety of the recording and accessibility options has increased the demand of IP camera in Singapore. With the installation of IP camera surveillance system, you can have complete piece of mind.

You have best reliable security system, which never fails to produce evidence. Mrau , Sep 20, Doesn't work for me, but thanks for the tip. I get no image and no error. Sev Keystone , Sep 20, Feb 23, Messages: With turret there is also some menus missing at webpage, no Playback and Picture section, only Live View and Configuration.

Nov 13, Messages: Hotelone , Sep 24, Apr 24, Messages: SeaMonkey is just "okay" it's not the best but it does work. However; iVMS still functions without any issues, including in Mojave. Hikvision iVMS V1. Hope this helps. Attached Files: Screen Shot at Sunny Matthew , Oct 1, Jun 8, Messages: Safari is broken for me as well.

According to the hint, click ImportCamera icon to enter the CameraImport control interface. After adding the device according to the above steps, you will see the toolbar after the device name. Click to edit the connected device settings. Click to refresh the page. Click to import all the monitoring point to the group named by the name of the device. Step 4: Add Group After addingdvr, please click the Add on Group dialog box.

Edit the name of group and then click OK to save your settings.. The added group will be displayed in the list. Import Channel to Group In the left area on the Camera Import interface, click to select the channels and then click Import button to import the selected channels to the Group on the right. You can hold the Ctrl key on PC to select multiple channels or click Import All button to select all channels for import. The devices to be added must be online currently.

Each channel can be added to one group only once, while the same channel can be added to different groups. Up to50 channels can be added to each group, with a maximum of channels for all the groups totally. Step 6: After importing the selected channels to the group, you can return to the control panel and then enter the Main View interface to get a live view of the added channels.

You can also enable the auto-login by checking the Enable Auto-login checkbox. File Open Captured Picture: Open Video File: Enter the Capture interface to select the folder location of the exported captured picture file s. Enter the video player and select the folder Open Log File: Enter the Log File interface to select the folder location of the exported log file s Exit: Exit the ivms remote client. Lock the screen operation.

User must log in after locking the system. Switch User: Switch login user. System System Enter the System Configuration interface. Import Configuration Import client configuration from your computer. Export Configuration Export client configuration to your computer. Full Screen: Display window in full screen. Control Panel: Enter Control Panel. View Main View: Enter Main View interface. Enter E-map interface. Enter Event Search interface. TV Wall: Enter TV Wall View interface. ImportCamera Enter ImportCamera interface. Camera Settings Enter Camera Setting interface. Account Enter User Account Management interface.

Decoding Enter Decoding DeviceManagement interface. DeviceManagement Broadcast Select device to start broadcasting. Help Open Wizard Open the guide for camera import. View information of the client software, including About company, software name, version, etc. Help To get help about the FAQs. Manage and display E-Map and hot spots; realize E-Map operation e. Search and playback of the event record files; realize playback operation. Configure and operate TV wall. Search, view and backup of local logs alarm, operation, system logs. Add, modify or remove the user account parameters; assign operating permission to each user.

Add, modify or remove the DVR device; configure parameters e. Add, modify or remove the storage server; configure parameters e. Add, modify or remove the stream media server; configure parameters e. Add, modify or remove the decoder; configure parameters e. Configure the general parameters e. Basic Information and User Permissions. Basic Information provides two kinds of user types Administrator and Operator to support the users with different permissions. User Permissions include 26 optional permissions and provide manual selected permission function for the different users.

The Admin user has all the permissions asdefault and operator user s permission should be selected from list. All selected permissions will immediate take effect. Input user name and password, and then click Save to add a new user. Click Modify to change the settings. Adding Devices Before any operation, you need to add a device and import cameras. Please refer to Section 3. Click to enter the device managementinterface.

Figure 4. All the online devices will show in the list. Click to select the online device you want to add, and then click Select Device to add the device. Click to select the device in the Device Management interface. For the detailed procedures of remote configuration, please refer to9. Click Delete to delete the Stream Media Server. And then click Add to create a group in the right area Figure 4. Select the camera in the left area, and then click import or import all to add the cameras to the group. User can also hold the Ctrl key and select multiple channels each time.

Click Modify to modify the group No. A camera group is required to be defined before live view. For the grouping operation, please kindly refer to chapter 4. Icons in the camera list: Figure 5. Camera is not connected. Camera is in preview. Camera is recording. Main View Toolbar: Button Name Description Full Screen Close All Display video in full screen mode, click again to restore. Stop the display of all cameras.

Manual Record Start manual record for the corresponding cameras, click again to stop. Start auto switchingthe screen by cameras or by groups. Adjust the volume for live audio. Click on the group name, and then click the Play button at the bottom of the screen, see the following figure. Toolbar in each display window: Button Capture Description Start manual record, click again to stop Start voice talk, click again to stop. This two-way audio can be used for only one camera at one time.

When you enable the voice talk of one camera, then the voice talk for other camera is stopped. PTZ control, 8 direction icons will be displayed on the video. Check the camera status Go to the camerasetting interface Stop live view Remote playback about 7 minutes record of current camera Audio button, click to open and close 5. Move the mouseto the screen.

ivms-4200 Client Software User Manual Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

Click icon on the bottom toolbar of Main View, or click icon in the tool bar of this display window. A small window of the captured picture will be displayed to notifyyou if the capture is done or not. If the capture is successful, there will be a link to the staving path of the pictures, and if the capture failed, there will be error messages accordingly.

To view the captured pictures: Click on the small window of the pictures showed on the right bottom after capture. Click the Picture icon on the left toolbar, all the pictures captured on the remote client are stored here. Click on those directional buttons to control the PTZ function, or click the directional buttons on the PTZ control panel. You can also control the PTZ direction by the directional buttons on your keyboard. You can control PTZ by dragging and clicking the mouseon the play window.

The PTZ will move to the direction as the arrow goes. Click the directional buttons to move the PTZ to a desired location, 2. To delete a preset, select the PTZ preset from the preset list, and then click to remove it. Click the button to enter the PTZ pattern path setup panel Figure 5. Select a PTZ pattern path number from the pattern list, click to enter edit mode.

Click to start recording of this pattern path. Use the directional buttons to control the PTZ movement.

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Click to stop pattern recording. Click to save the pattern path. To add a patrol path for the PTZ, 1. Click the button to enter the PTZ patrol path setup panel Figure 5. Select a track number from the list, 3. Click to add a preset including the dwell time and PTZ speed for the preset for this patrol path Figure 5. Click to call the patrolpath or click to stop calling. Click to edit a preset in the patrol path. Up to 16 patrols can be configured. Afterconfiguration, you can choose the patrol from the drop-down list, and then call or stop them by clicking or key.

Click the button to view the alarm or event information as shown in the panel. Refer to Figure. Click the button at the top to close tab page. Refer to Figure 5. You can click the, or button to preview, send or shown in TV wall of the selected log video. View the live video of the selected alarm source camera. Refer to Figure Send Send the alarm information by. User needs to configure settings in Control Panel System Configuration before using this function.

Shown In TV Wall: Enable the video from the alarm source camera be decoded and displayed on TV wall. Recording ivms software provides the local recording, and remote recording modes 6. Please follow the steps to start local recording: Select a channel in the group and double click it to view the live video. Then click button at the bottom of main view panel to start to record the live video. When you wish to stop recording, please re-click button to finish recording. A prompt box will pop up if all the operations succeed, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 6. While installing ivms software, please select PC NVR Server as well to enablenvr software, as shown in the following figure below. Click button in the Control Panel then click button to add the storage server. Create a nickname for the storage device and input with other information. After adding the device, click button and go to HDD sub-menu and select a local HDD in the server for storing recorded files, then click button to format the HDD, shown as figure below: Add Recording Channels: Go to Camera sub menu of the Remote Configuration.

Click button and select a channel from the group, shown as figure below. You may also remove or get the channel information by clicking Delete buttons. Set Recording Schedule: Select the camera from the dropdown list, then click Edit Schedule Template icon and configure the schedule template shown as below: Toolbar Description: The schedule time bar shows blue. The schedule time bar shows yellow means schedule recording triggered by command. The schedule time bar shows green.

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