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Use this command to quickly launch Displays preferences. Use this combination to move between open windows in your currently active app. It's so useful you'll wonder why you hadn't used it before. Want to grab an image to place into the document you're typing in? Just tap Control-Shift-Command-6 and the picture will be saved to your Clipboard for pasting it in. You can change where that button is located so you're less likely to tap it by accident. Move your cursor to the bottom of your screen and keep moving as if you're moving it off the screen ; you should see one of the items in your Touch bar highlighted.

I currently have the menu bar set to auto-hide, but I want to be able to show the menu bar with a keyboard shortcut. Any ideas out there to do this without hacking something together? If you wish, you can then navigate the menu with the arrow keys - but it will pop the menu bar into view; Esc to close it without further interaction.

By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How to show menu bar in macOS with keyboard shortcut Ask Question. Sans passer des heures sur un violon penses-tu sortir quelque chose?


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It is based on ideas from de-ergo and other ergonomic layouts. The high frequency keys are placed in the home row. The current layout Neo 2. Neo uses a total of six layers with the following general use: [32] [33]. It is based on ideas from the Dvorak and other ergonomic layouts. Typing with it is usually easier due to the high frequency keys being in the home row. Typing tutors exist to ease the transition. During its design, letter frequencies in the Turkish language were investigated with the aid of Turkish Language Association. These statistics were then combined with studies on bone and muscle anatomy of the fingers to design the Turkish F-keyboard Turkish: F klavye.

With this scientific preparation, Turkey has broken 14 world records in typewriting championships between and The Malt layout—named for its inventor, South African-born Lilian Malt—is best known for its use on molded, ergonomic Maltron keyboards. Nevertheless, it has been adapted as well for flat keyboards, with a compromise involved: a flat keyboard has a single, wide space-bar, rather than a space button as on Maltron keyboards, so the E key was moved to the bottom row.

The Blickensderfer typewriter, designed by George Canfield Blickensderfer in , was known for its novel keyboard layout, its interchangeable font, and its suitability for travel. The Blickensderfer keyboard had three banks rows of keys , with special characters being entered using a separate Shift key; the home row was, uniquely, the bottom one i. A computer or standard typewriter keyboard, on the other hand, has four banks of keys, with home row being second from bottom.

To fit on a Sholes-patterned typewriter or computer keyboard, the Blickensderfer layout was modified by Nick Matavka in , and released for both Mac OS X and Windows. To accommodate the differences between Blickensderfer and Sholes keyboards ne pas the layouts, but the keyboards themselves , the order of the rows was changed and special characters were given their own keys. The keyboard drivers created by Nick Matavka for the modified Blickensderfer layout nicknamed the 'Blick' have several variations, including one that includes the option of switching between Blick and another keyboard layout and one that is internationalised, allowing the entry of diacritics.

A few companies offer "ABC" alphabetical layout keyboards. Chorded keyboards, such as the Stenotype and Velotype, allow letters and words to be entered using combinations of keys in a single stroke.

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Users of stenotype machines regularly reach rates of words per minute [46]. These systems are commonly used for real-time transcription by court reporters and in live closed captioning systems. Ordinary keyboards may be adapted for this purpose using Plover. However, due to hardware constraints, chording three or more keys may not work as expected.

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Many high-end keyboards support n -key rollover and so do not have this limitation. The multi-touch screens of mobile devices allow implementation of virtual on-screen chorded keyboards. Buttons are fewer, so they can be made larger. Symbols on the keys can be changed dynamically depending on what other keys are pressed, thus eliminating the need to memorize combos for characters and functions before use.

The layout divides the keys into two separate pads which are positioned near the sides of the screen, while text appears in the middle. The most frequent letters have dedicated keys and do not require chording. Some other layouts have also been designed specifically for use with mobile devices. The FITALY layout is optimised for use with a stylus by placing the most commonly used letters closest to the centre and thus minimising the distance travelled when entering words.

A similar concept was followed to research and develop the MessagEase keyboard layout for fast text entry with stylus or finger. Several other alternative keyboard layouts have been designed either for use with specialist commercial keyboards e.

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Maltron and PLUM or by hobbyists e. Asset, [50] Arensito, [51] Minimak, [52] Norman, [53] Qwpr [54] and Workman [55] ; however, none of them are in widespread use, and many of them are merely proofs of concept. Principles commonly used in their design include maximising use of the home row, minimising finger movement, maximising hand alternation or inward rolls where successive letters are typed moving towards the centre of the keyboard , minimising changes from QWERTY to ease the learning curve, and so on. Maltron also has a single-handed keyboard layout. Programs such as the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator [57] basic editor, free, for use on MS Windows , SIL Ukelele [58] advanced editor, free, for use on Apple's Mac OS X , KbdEdit [59] commercial editor, for Windows and Keyman Developer [60] free, open source editor for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, or for sites on the web as virtual keyboards make it easy to create custom keyboard layouts for regular keyboards; [61] users may satisfy their own typing patterns or specific needs by creating new ones from scratch like the IPA [62] or pan-Iberian [63].

Such editors can also construct complex key sequences using dead keys or AltGr key. Certain virtual keyboards and keyboard layouts are accessible online. Resulting text can then be pasted into other web sites or applications flexibly with no need to reprogram keyboard mappings at all. Some high end keyboards allow users flexibility to reprogram keyboard mappings at the hardware level. For example, the Kinesis Advantage contoured keyboard allows for reprogramming single keys not key combinations , as well as creating macros for remapping combinations of keys this however includes more processing from the keyboard hardware, and can therefore be slightly slower, with a lag that may be noticed in daily use.

All non-Latin computer keyboard layouts can also input Latin letters as well as the script of the language, for example, when typing in URLs or names. This may be done through a special key on the keyboard devoted to this task, or through some special combination of keys, or through software programs that do not interact with the keyboard much. There are many different systems developed to type Bengali language characters using a typewriter or a computer keyboard and mobile device. Dhivehi Keyboards have two layouts. Most Indian scripts are derived from Brahmi, therefore their alphabetic order is identical.

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On the basis of this property, the InScript keyboard layout scheme was prepared. So a person who knows InScript typing in one language can type in other scripts using dictation even without knowledge of that script. It is also available in some mobile phones. Khmer uses its own layout designed to correspond, to the extent practicable, to its QWERTY counterpart, thus easing the learning curve in either direction. Since Khmer has no capitalization, but many more letters than Latin, the shift key is used to select between two distinct letters. For most consonants, the shift key selects between a "first series" consonant unshifted and the corresponding "second series" consonant shifted , e.

For most vowels, the two on the key are consecutive in the Khmer alphabet. Although Khmer has no capital or lowercase, per se, there are two forms for consonants. Khmer is written with no spaces between words, but lines may only be broken at word boundaries. There are five vowel signs that appear on the key caps, and are considered single letters in the Khmer alphabet, but are not assigned to unicode code points. They are instead represented by two consecutive vowel sign codes, the glyphs of which combine to make the vowel's glyph, e.

The Khmer keyboard map does not send the code pair sequence, however. It sends one officially-unassigned code from the Khmer block. It is up to the running application to recognize these codes and insert the appropriate code pair into the document.

The less frequently used characters are accessed by the Shift key. Despite their wide usage in Thai, Arabic numbers are not present on the main section of the keyboard. Instead they are accessed via the numeric keypad or by switching to the Latin character set on those keyboards without dedicated numeric keys.

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Beside the Kedmanee layout also the Pattachote layout is used, though it is much less common. The layout has been available in Linux since September The Bhutanese Standard for a Dzongkha keyboard layout standardizes the layout for typing Dzongkha, and other languages using the Tibetan script, in Bhutan. The Dzongkha keyboard layout is very easy to learn as the key sequence essentially follows the order of letters in the Dzongkha and Tibetan alphabet. The layout has been available in Linux since The Armenian keyboard is similar to the Greek in that in most but not all cases, a given Armenian letter is at the same location as the corresponding Latin letter on the QWERTY keyboard.

The illustrated keyboard layout can be enabled on Linux with: setxkbmap am -variant phonetic. Western and Eastern Armenian have different layouts. In , Prof. After some controversy and a public discussion in , the proposal was not accepted , [70] although it had been already used in several places — the "Bulgarian Phonetic" layout in MS Windows Vista is based on it. The layout was designed to be compatible with the hardware standard in many other countries, but introduced compromises to accommodate the larger alphabet.

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The full stop and comma symbols share a key, requiring the shift key to be held to produce a comma, despite the high relative frequency of comma in the language. There are some other Russian keyboard layouts in use: in particular, the traditional Russian Typewriter layout punctuation symbols are placed on numerical keys, one needs to press Shift to enter numbers and the Russian DOS layout similar to the Russian Typewriter layout with common punctuation symbols on numerical keys, but numbers are entered without Shift.

The Russian Typewriter layout can be found on many Russian typewriters produced before the s, and it is the default Russian keyboard layout in the OpenSolaris operating system. Keyboards in Russia always have Cyrillic letters on the keytops as well as Latin letters. Usually Cyrillic and Latin letters are labeled with different colors. This layout is made for typists who are more familiar with other layouts, like the common English QWERTY keyboard, and follows the Greek and Armenian layouts in placing most letters at the corresponding Latin letter locations.