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These are all examples of group addresses , as opposed to individual addresses ; the least significant bit of the first octet of a MAC address distinguishes individual addresses from group addresses. That bit is set to 0 in individual addresses and set to 1 in group addresses. Group addresses, like individual addresses, can be universally administered or locally administered.

Common networked consumer devices such as PCs, smartphones and tablet computers use EUI addresses. On broadcast networks, such as Ethernet, the MAC address is expected to uniquely identify each node on that segment and allows frames to be marked for specific hosts. It thus forms the basis of most of the link layer OSI Layer 2 networking upon which upper layer protocols rely to produce complex, functioning networks. Many network interfaces support changing their MAC address.

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On most Unix -like systems, the command utility ifconfig may be used to remove and add link address aliases. For instance, the active ifconfig directive may be used on NetBSD to specify which of the attached addresses to activate. Changing MAC addresses is necessary in network virtualization.

Multicast IP Address to MAC address mapping

In MAC spoofing , this is practiced in exploiting security vulnerabilities of a computer system. Some modern operating systems, such as Apple iOS and Android, especially in mobile devices, are designed to randomize the assignment of a MAC address to network interface when scanning for wireless access points to avert tracking systems. MAC address randomization during scanning was added in Android starting from version 6.

Using wireless access points in SSID -hidden mode network cloaking , a mobile wireless device may not only disclose its own MAC address when traveling, but even the MAC addresses associated to SSIDs the device has already connected to, if they are configured to send these as part of probe request packets.

Alternative modes to prevent this include configuring access points to be either in beacon-broadcasting mode, or probe-response with SSID mode. In these modes, probe requests may be unnecessary, or sent in broadcast mode without disclosing the identity of previously-known networks. The standard IEEE format for printing EUI addresses in human-friendly form is six groups of two hexadecimal digits, separated by hyphens - in transmission order e.

This form is also commonly used for EUI e. The standard notation, also called canonical format, for MAC addresses is written in transmission order with the least significant bit of each byte transmitted first, and is used in the output of the ifconfig , ip address , and ipconfig commands, for example. However, since IEEE For example, an address in canonical form A-BC would be transmitted over the wire as bits in the standard transmission order least significant bit first.

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But for Token Ring networks, it would be transmitted as bits in most-significant-bit first order. The latter might be incorrectly displayed as C-6A-1ED. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about a type of network address. For the Apple computers, see Macintosh. For other similar terms, see Mac. This section possibly contains original research.

Media Access Control

Some also refer to them as Ethernet addresses for historical reasons, but multiple types of networks all utilize MAC addressing including Ethernet , Wi-Fi , and Bluetooth. Traditional MAC addresses are digit 6 bytes or 48 bits hexadecimal numbers.

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By convention, they are usually written in one of the following three formats:. The leftmost 6 digits 24 bits called a "prefix" is associated with the adapter manufacturer M. Vendors often possess many prefix numbers associated with their different products. For example, the prefixes , C and F plus many others all belong to Linksys Cisco Systems. The rightmost digits of a MAC address represent an identification number for the specific device S.

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