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This happens because the fonts are not exactly the same The differences are coming from the fonts shipped with the operating system.

Mac OS 9 vs. Mac OS X

The reality of getting web fonts to work across browsers is a little different. Different browsers support a slightly different set of font formats, so you need to provide a set of alternatives.

Web Open Font Format. Learn more about Teams.

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Slight differences between mac and windows css rendering font, letter-spacing Ask Question. Hiall, I have some basic css using a class that has eg. Any help would be great. Salketer Salketer I don't understand why this happenes, compared to just calling a font from font-family etc.

Also what would be ideal for my situation is do you know of any websites that shows the closet webfont for a traditional font like Arial etc, the current site I worked on I used Arial narrow and was hoping to use a webfont to replicate it but haven't really been successful so far, using Roboto Condensed is the closet, thanks again! I am far from being an expert in the subject, I really just hoped to point you at the right direction You could have a walk through google fonts, there are thousands of web-ready fonts there.

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The better the font you are using the better it will look. Are you testing them both on the same screen? Screen precision also plays a role in fonts display Whether you have purchased OpenType, PostScript, or TrueType fonts you will be able to install them onto your computer. However, if you need to use your fonts in a specific program, it is a good idea to consult the program's user guide to confirm that it supports all font formats.

The following descriptions provide greater detail on the different font formats and may be helpful in determining which format to purchase.

How to Install Fonts on Mac

OpenType, a joint effort from Adobe and Microsoft, is the latest font format to be introduced. Like TrueType, OpenType fonts contain both the screen and printer font data in a single component.

Cambria Math Font For Mac

However, the OpenType format has several exclusive capabilities including support for multiple platforms and expanded character sets. OpenType fonts can be used on either Macintosh or Windows operating systems. Additionally, the OpenType format permits the storage of up to 65, characters. This additional space provides type designers with the freedom to include add-ons such as small caps, old style figures, alternate characters and other extras that previously needed to be distributed as separate fonts.

Fonts - All Mac and PC Fonts

The suffixes Pro, Com and W1G are frequently used by designers and foundries to distinguish OpenType fonts that include these extra features and characters. Learn more about these varieties of OpenType fonts or about OpenType application and system support.

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The PostScript or "Type 1" font format was developed by Adobe in the s, several years before the release of TrueType. The format is based on Adobe's PostScript printing technology - a programming language that allows for high-resolution output of resizable graphics. PostScript has long been viewed as a reliable choice, particularly for professional designers, publishers and printers.