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Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Stuck in Chrome Full Screen? Lorraine Pioszak says:.

Using F11 to Exit Full-Screen

August 9, at pm. Daniel Camer says:. March 16, at am.

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Ken says:. August 13, at am. December 9, at am. Bobby says:. August 11, at pm. August 11, at am. Ferg says:. Close each tab individually. I suggest you close the rightmost tab and work your way to the left. Don't worry about saving links to reopen - we'll re-open them all later.

After you close the last tab, you'll be out of fullscreen mode, but Chrome will still be running with no active windows. Click on the Chrome icon and it'll open a new window not fullscreen with a single tab.

Exit Full Screen Mode in Chrome for Mac OS X

Right click on the tab and click "Reopen Closed Tab". The last tab you closed will open. Click on the newest tab and repeat step 4 until all the tabs are open.

How to exit the Full Screen Mode of Google Chrome in OS X Lion

You should be good to go from this point. Hope this helps! Yes No. I am having the same problem Have you tried F11? F11 doesn't work. The browser switches to normal for a few milliseconds then returns to full screen again. Using Linux Mint x64 Cinnamon and Chrome Just came across this problem on my CentOS6 Linux machine.

This is the kid of crap that really turns me into an enemy. My machine worked fine, and then suddenly this full screen BS starts - which makes my navigation between applications a pain in the rear. I am on a windows 8 machine - not a mac.

Stuck in Chrome Full Screen? Exit Chromes Full Screen Mode in Mac OS X Lion

What the heck is the intent here - to just screw with average users? I want to use Chrome like I use IE - open a window, move from that to my spreadsheet or my word doc etc - all windows floating on my screen - the way I have for years and years. Why do you guys at Google want to jerk me around. Chrome is not the nexus of my computing experience and I don't want it to be! Geesh, this so pisses me off This question is locked and replying has been disabled.

Google Chrome Stuck In Full Screen Fix | SolutionFactor

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