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Next, right-click or hold Control and click the icon. Select Rename and give it the new name. Then, select the icon and drag it to your Dock. But, if you want more than a few or simply a cleaner Dock, you can put those shortcuts into a folder and put the folder in your Dock instead. Use the second method above for dragging the URLs to your Desktop. Optionally, you can change the names if you like as described above.

Then, put them in a folder.

How to Rearrange Icons in the Menu Bar

Now that you have them all in a folder, you can name the folder whatever you like, such as Links. Remember, you can change the icon for the folder and the view of the items inside with the shortcut menu. Moving data around on your Mac is easy when you use a drag-and-drop solution. It gets a lot easier when you use an advanced app like Dropzone, which allows you to do more than just move files from the menu bar. You can copy files, install applications, launch them, upload files to the cloud, and do a lot more with this much-loved productivity app.

Resistance seems futile. The best you can do is hide some of the app icons with Vanilla. If you appreciate the icon-hiding functionality for menu bar apps and are willing to pay for some advanced features, get Bartender.

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The app comes with an app search feature and hotkey support among other things. Vox is a sleek and fast music player that you can hide in the menu bar. AppLocker allows you to protect specific applications with a password. The free version of the app is toothless: it allows you to lock only one app. Get the Pro version to lock more of them. A simple way to see real-time information about the weather at different locations.