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There are a few cameras that definitely don't work with SecuritySpy for various reasons - click here for a list. The Resolution is the video size delivered by the camera's sensor, in megapixels MP. The higher the sensor resolution the more detailed the image, however low-light sensitivity generally goes down as sensor resolution increases, as there is less light falling on each pixel of a high-resolution sensor compared to a lower-resolution one.

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The FPS section shows the maximum frame rate that the camera can deliver at its maximum resolution. A value of frames per second FPS is generally good for video surveillance. The Light section shows the minimum illumination in lux at which the camera can operate.

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If you see two values in this column, the first refers to colour images and the second refers to black and white images many cameras can produce black at white images at much lower light levels than colour images. The Price section shows the approximate price of the cameras in US Dollars.

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Note that we do not sell cameras ourselves: this is for informational purposes only. The Notes section shows a small note icon if there is some extra information related to the camera; move your mouse over the note icon to reveal the information. This section will also show D for cameras that have been discontinued. While we have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this list, you should always also double-check the specifications on the manufacturer's web site before making a purchase.

The simplest way to find the IP is to log in to your router and check what IPs are connected.

Hopefully, though, you can find it listed there. So that made it easy to figure out which IP was for the camera. To do that, in the browser of your choice type in the IP that you see there followed by a colon and 99 for port 99 , eg. That should give you a list of IPs that are active.

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Another option, if you have nmap installed you can download it for all major operating systems is to issue this command assuming your local network is set up to use One problem with this is if you have a camera with a preconfigured IP address. In my case, my network is set up on the Depending on how your router is configured you may or may not be able to reach it.

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Hi All, I have just received my incredibly cheap HW Wanscam IP camera and have got it half working however if there is anyone that can help me get it fully working I would be even more happy. I plugged it into my router with the supplied ethernet cable and firstly had a look at the phone app.

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I scanned the QR code and put in my network password and there it was, up and running and without doing any more i can simply plug the power in with no ethernet and view the camera on my android phone and also on my iPad. The issue is I cannot get access to the camera from any web browser on my Mac laptop or desktop. When i use terminal to see all connected devises on my network i get one set of ip addresses Thanks in advance, Tony.

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Help configuring Wanscam Wireless IP Camera (x3)

You need Windows and Internet Explorer to view it from a browser but that's an issue for after you find it I guess. If you login to your router can you see it under attached devices or similar?

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Susan Liu n3wb. Joined Jun 15, Messages 1 Reaction score 1. From this software,you can find ip address of the camera,and input ip address in browser,then you can view it.