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If you always have an internet connection, you could store your music on a home server and access it anywhere.


It offers robust tagging tools, album cover artwork, an equalizer, visualizations, lyrics, and podcast support. Clementine will even work with your music player like iPhone, iPod, and other mass storage devices, easily letting you transcode and transfer your music files. Top among these is the ability to import your iTunes and personal library, and integration with SoundCloud and YouTube.

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Vox is free to download and use apart from the radio feature , though it reminds you frequently to try its LOOP Music Cloud Storage, which gives you unlimited storage you can use to upload as many files as you want and listen to them wherever you go. Recent versions of Vox are more aggressive about promoting LOOP, but you can alleviate this by downloading an old version of the player.

Oh, it will also play video files, but simple really is the name of the game here. If you thought NIghtingale was basic, wait until you get a load of Quod Libet. Rounding things out are multimedia key support, truly powerful tag editing, and a whole bunch of plugins that extend the application into almost anything you require.

VOX Mac Music Player: Best FLAC Player for Mac. iTunes Alternative.

Quod Libet supports multiple ways of interacting with your music—playlists, album lists, or album collections. It also features built-in Soundcloud integration, podcast support, and perhaps one of the most extensive gatherings of Internet radio stations out of all the applications on the list.

You should definitely read up on all the ways you can search through your music, because it is truly impressive. Tomahawk is a little different from the other music players on this list.

The emphasis of Tomahawk is the social aspect, and as such, you can create your own custom stations, listen to what your friends are playing, drop and share songs, and even check your Inbox to see what people have shared with you. It looks pretty and displays track details, audio wave forms, and stereo levels.

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Airdrop music from iPhone to iPhone using the AirDrop feature can be the first choice for most people, but some of them still don't have a clear picture of the process. Follow this post to see how to share music between iPhones with AirDrop quickly.

Wie übertragen Sie Musik zwischen Windows Media Player und iTunes

Music found on the Apple Music subscription service, either online or downloaded to your device, but not your own personal imported library. Wondering how to send music from iPhone to iPhone? The detailed procedure is explained below. Step 4: Select the song or album you would like to share and tap the share icon.

The share icon is a square with an upward pointing arrow.

Wie Sie Musik vom iPhone auf iTunes übertragen

Step 6: Tap the contact you wish to transfer the songs to, then tap the iPhone icon to send music to them. Step 7: A pop-up alert will be displayed on the iPhone you are transferring songs to with the message "AirDrop "iPhone would like to share an iTunes Radio Station. Some users have complained that contacts are not displayed on AirDrop when they want to share their music or other data to another iPhone.

Itunes mit Android synchronisieren [Full HD]

This section explains different ways of fixing the issue. While it is obvious that you need to ensure you do not select Receiving Off, we recommend choosing Everyone since Contacts Only has to verify your contacts. I would like to read about the latest and greatest on the djay product line by Algoriddim.

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